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Engineering Expertise

      Integrated Building Design can provide expert engineering services to a number of systems related to commercial and residential buildings. Our experience allows us to understand the design constraints of the project and help select the most appropriate system for the client’s needs. We also have the expertise to evaluate and understand existing systems both new and old for building renovations or remodels. The following list outline a few of the more common system types that we work with on our projects.

     MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Chilled water / heating water four-pipe systems, steam heating systems, gas fired radiant heating systems, condenser water system, self-contained unit systems, split system air conditioners, roof top units, medium and low pressure ductwork systems, exhaust systems, smoke evacuation systems, stairwell pressurization systems, and energy recovery systems.

      ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Electrical switch gear, main distribution panel, motor control centers, conductor / conduit distribution, bus-duct distribution, emergency generators, lightning protection systems, lighting designs, lighting controls, fire alarm system, and special life safety systems.

      PLUMBING ENGINEERING: Domestic cold / hot water systems, waste water systems, venting systems, high pressure domestic water, storm water systems, fire sprinkler / fire protection systems.

      ENERGY USAGE ANALYSIS: Building automation systems, energy management systems, lighting control systems, equipment evaluations, and energy conservation measures.